National Bankers Community Alliance

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Providing Pathways to Financial Prosperity

To support member banks' efforts to assist our underbanked and unbanked consumers, the NBA launched the National Bankers Community Alliance. This 501(c)(3) initiative helps support the mission of MDIs by addressing the root causes of the racial wealth gap, leveraging capital, sharing resources, and providing measurable pathways to prosperity in underserved communities.


Centuries of neglect have created a lack of trust between our communities and the traditional banking system, which has undoubtedly forced our banks to bear the brunt of responsibility for making financial services accessible. The National Bankers Association is proud to announce the Alliance as our next step toward elevating the impact of minority owned banks in the communities they serve."

- Robert E. James II, Chairman NBA

How We Help

We know that minority owned and operated banks are at the center of serving communities that are traditionally overlooked and excluded by the mainstream banking system. These communities of color deserve equitable access to education, services and products that strengthen their financial goals and growth.



Financial Wellness involves delivering innovative financial programs, training, and services to traditionally excluded and underserved households, small businesses, and nonprofits to support asset accumulation and sustainability.




Technical Assistance entails providing small business training that builds the capacity of entrepreneurs to participate in the economic mainstream.




Research and Impact Assessment leverages market-level social and economic impact data that identifies the root causes of disparity and informs the development of responsive products, services, and policies.




Capital Aggregation includes collaborative capital approaches that support large-scale, high-impact projects and advance operational efficiencies through shared resources.

NBCA Powered by Our Money Matters

Financial Wellness involves delivering innovative tools and services to the traditionally excluded and underserved.

NBCA Powered by Our Money Matters (OMM) is NBA's digital financial hub developed specifically to support the Financial Wellness pillar by equipping Minority Serving Institution students and communities with the skills required for true financial health.