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Job Title: Program Manager – Climate Lending 

Location: Washington, DC (hybrid) 

National Bankers Association Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the National Bankers Association (NBA), the leading trade association for Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) whose membership includes Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, and women-operated banks across the country and advocate on legislative and regulatory matters concerning and affecting the industry, members, and the communities they serve.  

MDIs are federally insured banks that serve predominantly minority communities, in which minorities own at least 51% of the voting stock and/or comprise most of the board of directors and serve predominately communities of color. 

NBCA’s Strategic Pillars include:  

  1. Financial Wellness – Programs, training, and services to underserved households to support asset accumulation and sustainability. 

  2. Entrepreneurship & Small Business  – Capacity building and access to capital for minority-owned businesses to leverage entrepreneurship and small business ownership as an asset-building tool and local and regional economic driver.  

  3. Research & Impact Assessment – Social and economic impact data collection, tools, and research that identifies the root causes of disparity, supports thought leadership on the wealth divide, and informs the development of products, services, and policies. 

  4. MDI  Collaboration & Capacity – Collaborative capital approaches to support large-scale, catalytic, and high-impact projects, and advance operational efficiencies through shared resources. 


National Bankers Association Foundation is seeking a Program Manager for its developing the Climate Resilience Lending Program. The candidate should be passionate about climate resilient development and self-driven towards influencing positive change in the real world by bridging theory and practice. The candidate will work in close coordination with the Director of Resource Development & Grant Management, NBCA Program Manager, and the NBCA program team and anchor the quantitative and qualitative analysis on climate lending product development.  

As a Program Manager for Climate Lending, the candidate will play a critical role in helping the NBCA develop and implement green lending and climate lending products for minority banks. This requires a deep understanding of sustainable finance, including green bonds, sustainable loans, and other financial products that are designed to drive environmental and social impact. 

The candidate should be able to work closely with the organization's resource development and grant management team to identify funding opportunities and design sustainable financing solutions that align with the organization's mission and objectives. This will require a strong understanding of financial analysis and modeling, risk management, and credit underwriting. 

In addition to developing green lending products, the candidate should also be able to support minority banks in implementing these products. This will require a strong understanding of the banking and finance industry, as well as an ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders to identify and address barriers to adoption. 

Overall, the candidate's green lending expertise should help drive the organization's mission of promoting climate resilience and sustainable development by providing innovative financing solutions that enable minority banks to invest in environmentally and socially responsible projects. 



  • 3-5 years of experience in climate change or a related field such as urban planning, environment planning/engineering, sustainable development, commercial lending, investment banking, or environmental economics. 

  • Ability to develop green lending and climate lending products for minority banks and support their implementation. 

  • Proven experience working with federal, state, and/or local governments on climate change issues. 

  • Strong knowledge of climate policies, programs, and key stakeholders at the local, regional, or national level. 

  • Understanding of low-carbon policies and climate-resilient development in the United States. 

  • Excellent communication skills, able to liaise with government and other stakeholders to collect data, communicate findings, and seek feedback iteratively. 

  • Proficient in developing research design and methodology, using climate-related risk assessment and resilience frameworks, tools, and data sets to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis, and prepare clearly written reports and plans. 

  • Additional qualifications to consider: 

  • Ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner. 

  • Bilingual (preferred but not required). 

Location and Compensation 

  • This hybrid position is based in Washington, DC, and may require occasional travel.  

  • Consultant (1099 contractor) or full-time status 

  • The funding for this position comes from grants. 

  • The compensation for this position is up to $80,000/year. 

List of Documents to be attached


  • Cover Letter 

  • Resume 

We encourage all qualified candidates to submit their applications via email (info at nationalbankers dot org). Please ensure your application includes a cover letter, resume, and other relevant documents. We appreciate your interest and look forward to reviewing your application. 

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview. 

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