Introducing the National Bankers Community Alliance

Marginalized communities have a better opportunity at economic equality when supporting the institutions that support them.  


Support the capital development of Black and minority-owned banks.

We can do more to create an equitable future for our communities, but we need your help. 


Underserved communities rely on minority-owned banks, but there are fewer Black-owned banks now than when we started our work over 90 years ago. Minority-owned banks need capital, and they need better legislative and regulatory support.

For every dollar in equity capital invested in a bank, the bank can grow by roughly 10X. It can add ten times more deposits, and thereby make ten times more small business loans, home mortgages, or consumer loans.


This is especially important for minority-owned banks, which support communities that are underserved by traditional banks. The surest way for our allies who are truly committed to closing the racial wealth gap is to add equity capital to help our minority-owned banks grow.

Get involved in National Bankers Association’s mission.

You can be part of building a more inclusive banking system.