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Providing Pathways to Financial Prosperity

The National Bankers Association Foundation advances the mission of Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) by addressing the underlying causes of the racial wealth gap, leveraging capital, sharing resources, and providing concrete pathways to prosperity in underserved communities. 

We accomplish this unique and innovative work through our four strategic pillars. 

Four Strategic Pillars

4 Pillars

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness requires providing innovative financial programs, training, and services to households, small businesses, and nonprofits traditionally excluded and underserved. Our goal is to promote asset accumulation and sustainability among these groups.

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Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Our Entrepreneurship & Small Business work provides capacity-building services and access to capital programs specifically designed for minority-owned and women-owned businesses. Our aim is to encourage entrepreneurship and small business ownership as an asset-building tool for these groups.


Research & Impact

As a thought leader and partner in these discussions, we provide valuable insights that inform the development of responsive products, services, policies, and solutions to tackle the identified racial wealth and economic disparity issues. Our research-driven approach ensures that we address the root causes of inequality, creating sustainable solutions that will benefit marginalized communities.


Collaboration & Capacity

Collaboration and capacity building are essential for MDIs to remain competitive and sustainable in an ever-changing financial landscape. By working together and sharing resources, MDIs can improve operational efficiencies and access larger pools of capital to fund high-impact projects. These collaborations promote knowledge sharing and skill development, strengthening the MDI sector, and improving financial services for underserved communities.

How We Help

We recognize that MDIs are essential in providing services to communities that have been neglected and excluded from traditional banking services. We support the mission of MDIs by addressing the root causes of the racial wealth gap, leveraging capital, sharing resources, and providing measurable pathways to prosperity in underserved communities.


Our mission: To ensure underserved communities have fair access to financial services, products, tools, and resources that enable them to achieve their financial objectives and enhance their prosperity. 


Join us in our commitment to creating a more equitable financial future for all.

Our Money Matters (OMM)

Strategic Initiatives

Our Money Matters 

The National Bankers Association Foundation believes that financial wellness should be accessible to everyone, including those who have been historically excluded and underserved. We know that being smart with your money makes perfect cents, which is why we launched Our Money Matters (OMM).

Thanks to the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, OMM is a free resource available to anyone who wants to become financially empowered. With our comprehensive suite of tools and services, you can learn how to budget, improve your credit score, qualify for a mortgage, invest in your future, and so much more.


Join us and take control of your financial future today with Our Money Matters.

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Financial wellness is the cornerstone of economic mobility and sustainability for historically marginalized communities. Our innovative financial programs, training, and services are designed to support asset accumulation and promote long-term financial stability for traditionally excluded and underserved households, small businesses, and nonprofits. We empower MDI community members to achieve financial goals and build a foundation for intergenerational wealth creation.

MDI ConnectTech

Digitization Program for Minority Banks

The MDI ConnectTech Digitization Program is a bold and innovative initiative to bring the latest technology solutions to MDIs. In collaboration with the Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR) and with support from Citi Foundation's Community Finance Innovation Fund, MDI ConnectTech assists minority-owned and -operated banks in their journey towards digitalization, modernization, and digital transformation.


Working closely with MDIs, we will help them develop and integrate technology solutions that streamline their operations, expand their customer base, and thrive in the digital age. From improving loan processing times to enhancing customer engagement through digital channels, MDI ConnectTech will enable MDIs to leverage technology to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) substantially impact the community, contributing to minority homeownership and small business while providing an economic lifeline of financial support to the unbanked or underbanked. The National Bankers Association Foundation elevates the impact of minority-owned banks in the communities they serve and eliminating the racial wealth gap.

— Robert E. James II, Chairman, National Bankers Association Foundation 


We thank our partners that support the unique and purposeful mission of this nonprofit. 

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