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Board Members

The National Bankers Association benefits from a board of financial industry experts  who are committed to eliminating the racial wealth gap.

Robert E. James Chairman and Board Member National Bankers Assocation

Robert E. James, II


National Bankers Association 

President & CEO

Carver Financial Corporation

Nicole A Elam President and CEO National Bankers Assocation

President & CEO

National Bankers Association 

kenneth kelly Immediate Past Chairman National Bankers Assocation

Kenneth Kelly

Immediate Past Chairman

Chairman & CEO
First Independence Bank
Detroit, MI

 Todd McDonald Vice Chair National Bankers Assocation

Todd McDonald

Vice Chair

Liberty Bank & Trust Company
New Orleans, LA

robert cooper second vice chair national bankers association

Robert Cooper

Second Vice Chair

Senior Counsel
One United Bank
Boston, MA

b doyle mitchell Treasurer National Bankers Association

B. Doyle Mitchell


President & CEO
Industrial Bank
Washington, DC

Dominik Mjarten Secretary National Bankers Association

Dominik Mjartan


President & CEO
Optus Bank
Colombia, SC

Patrick C. Cooper Board member National Bankers Association

Patrick C. Cooper


Commonwealth National Bank
Mobile, AL

Cynthia Day Board Member National Bankers Association

Cynthia N. Day


President & CEO
Citizens Trust Bank
Atlanta, GA

Ray Garcia Board Member National Bankers Association

Rey Garcia


Executive Vice President 
Texas National Bank
Edinburg, Texas

Travis Kyota Board Member National Bankers Association

Travis Kiyota


Senior Vice President, Head of Global Corporate Affairs

East West Bank
Pasadena, CA

Dr. Kase Lawal Board Member National Bankers Association

Dr. Kase Lawal


Unity Bank
Houston, TX

Jim Sills Board Member National Bankers Association

Jim H. Sills


President & CEO
M&F Bank

Evelyn F. Smalls National Bankers Association

Evelyn F. Smalls


President & CEO
United Bank of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

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