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Our story National Bankers Association

Our Story

96 Years of Fighting for Financial Equity

Founded in 1927

The National Bankers Association supports and strengthens America's minority depository institutions (MDIS), which include Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, and women-owned and operated banks.

MDI and banking customers

MDIs support their communities with loans, mortgages, and hope.

Over a third of mortgage loans from MDIs to go minority borrowers

Over a third (37%) of mortgage loans from MDIs go to minority borrowers, compared to only 13% from non-MDIs. 

"No bank can stand alone."

 – Major Richard Robert Wright, Co-founder National Bankers Association


That’s why we provide advocacy, partnerships, and collaboration opportunities on behalf of our member banks so that together they are stronger and have a greater voice in national conversations about financial justice.  Because when MDIs thrive, communities thrive.







invested in
minority banks



to lend to
minority communities

MDI banker with customers

MDIs originate a higher share of their small business loans to

LMI communities  (30%)

relative to community banks  (20%) and  larger banks  (24%).

Here's how the National Bankers Association creates lasting change:

The National Bankers Assocation focuses on policies that support MDIs.


No other trade association is focused solely on the policy priorities and needs of minority owned and operated banks.

MDIs can take advantage of programs by becoming a member of the National Bankers Association


Education, events, products, and services to accelerate your growth.

MDIs can raise their profile with the national bankers association


Build your bank's brand equity, convey your impact, and engage in the National Bankers Association marketing and communication opportunities.

MDIs can forget partnerships by becoming a member of the National Bankers Association


Develop strategic alliances and connect with corporations, fintechs, nonprofits, and policymakers.

MDIs can increase profit by being a member of the National Bankers Association


Aggregate capital, invest at scale, increase profits, and decrease operational costs.

Become a member

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