About Us

We’re an association of minority-owned banks working to eliminate the racial wealth gap.


Since our founding in 1927, NBA has served as a voice for minority-owned banks. Our members include Black, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Native-American, and women-owned banks across the country, all working to help low and moderate-income communities who are underserved by traditional banks and financial service providers.

What We Do

We’re making the financial services industry inclusive by supporting minority banks and their customers. Because when minority banks thrive, so do their communities. Here’s how we do it.


Advocate for legislative and regulatory policies and practices that strengthen minority banks and their communities. Elevate the brand and reputation of our banks as they tell the story about how they positively impact the community. 


Deliver resources to improve our members’ operational efficiency and effectiveness, regulatory excellence, and profitability. 


Assist our banks in accumulating equity capital they use to scale and deliver more impact in their communities.


Provide a platform for our banks to collaborate with each other and allies to deliver more and better financial products and services to the communities they serve.

Our Leadership

Nicole A. Elam
President & CEO

President & CEO

National Bankers Association Washington, DC

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Carver State Bank

Savannah, GA

Kenneth Kelly

Immediate Past Chairman

Chairman & CEO

First Independence Bank

Detroit, MI   

Cynthia N. Day
Vice Chair

President & CEO

Citizens Trust Bank Atlanta, GA

Todd McDonald
Second Vice Chair

Vice President of Strategy Liberty Bank & Trust Company New Orleans, LA

Robert Cooper

Senior Counsel

One United Bank Boston, MA

President & CEO

Industrial Bank Washington, DC

Evelyn F. Smalls

Second Vice Chair

President & CEO

United Bank of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

President & CEO

Optus Bank Columbia, SC

President & CEO

Unity National Bank Houston, TX 


Commonwealth National Bank Mobile, AL