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Advocacy Efforts

MDIs Rely

on Interchange


Ensure Your Voice is Heard

Harnessing our collective power…

We can develop legislation and regulations that positively impact MDIs and the communities they serve.

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Customer of Minority Depository Institution

When you become a member, we advocate for you – and your customers. 

And you become a part of the national and global conversations about the future of banking.

Become a member of the National Bankers Association and ensure your voice is heard.

The National Bankers Association is consistently working to enable strong, healthy, and financially sound minority communities by securing the financial health of MDIs.

We accomplish that by championing inclusive access to:





Customers getting a loan
diverse couple with banker
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minority leadership regulation meeting

Congressional Testimonies, Letters, and Advocacy Efforts

May 2, 2024

Joint Statement Before Senate Subcommittee on Zelle

March 14, 2024

Open Letter to Friends and Allies of Equity in Climate Finance

January 10, 2024

Public Comment on Regulatory Capital Rule: Large Banking Organizations and Banking Organizations With Significant Trading Activity 

November 11, 2023

Joint Trades NPRM on Debit Card Interchange and Routing

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