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Nov 3, 2022

Sustainable Capital Advisors Launches Climate-Friendly Investment Information Platform

“AskSustainable” is designed to bring transparency, reduce informational barriers, and drive participation in the climate-friendly investment marketplace


Sustainable Capital Advisors (SCA), a financial consulting firm serving the sustainable infrastructure industry, announces its climate-friendly investment platform is now available at In 2021, the Hewlett Foundation granted SCA funds to implement the platform.

“Our world needs innovative solutions to address the climate crisis,” said Marilyn Waite, Managing Director, Climate Finance Fund. “AskSustainable is part of the solution. This platform is a novel endeavor in championing climate-friendly finance as a means to take direct climate action.”

By providing comprehensive and actionable climate-friendly financial information to investors, seeks to mobilize capital from all investors, retail and institutional, to accelerate the deployment of climate-friendly solutions. Featuring over 220 financial products totaling $50 billion, a variety of curated news articles, original thought pieces, and a comprehensive glossary, AskSustainable's goal is to stimulate the investment market for climate-friendly financial products by providing a centralized location for complete information. The platform will assist existing and prospective investors on their climate-friendly investment journey.

“Most of today’s climate friendly finance outreach/engagement has focused on engaging banks and asset managers to redirect investment capital from grey to green,” said Trenton Allen, CEO, Sustainable Capital Advisors. “Yet it is equally important that an approach exists that engages all investors and educates them on the full range of potential climate-friendly investment options.”Climate-friendly investment products are defined as investments where the proceeds are used to fund activities and technologies that reduce carbon emissions and other harmful impacts on the climate. The more than 220 climate-friendly investment products featured at provide solutions towards both mitigation (renewable energy, carbon capture, clean transport, and energy efficiency) and adaptation (habitat preservation, improving air/water quality, preserving wetlands/shorelines, and land use) activities.

By providing free access to the data, research, and informational materials needed to make informed investment decisions, seeks to build an engaged community of “change-makers.”

“Knowledge is power, and it is time that all investors have full access to their options coupled with a sustained public engagement that translates action into the acceleration of funding climate-friendly investments,” said Nicole Elam, President, and CEO, National Bankers Association. “We are excited to partner with AskSustainable to not only expand the number of climate-friendly financial products by the minority-owned-and -operated banks that we serve, but also provide their customers with opportunities to financially benefit from the current climate transition.”

AskSustainable supports a diverse community of action that will focus the efforts of many stakeholders in the ecosystem to help increase opportunities for climate-friendly investing."At Raise Green, our mission is to democratize access to clean energy and climate tech startups so that everybody has an opportunity to invest in and benefit from the shift to a sustainable economy,” said Franz Hochstrasser, Founder and CEO of Raise Green. “We are excited to partner with AskSustainable and grow the community to help accelerate inclusive climate investing through educational support.”

AskSustainable is committed to the mission of increasing the flow of capital into climate-friendly financial products by informing, engaging, and activating investors. For us to achieve our mission, it is paramount that we all recognize that “There’s Change in Your Pocket."Please visit to view the platform and experience its capabilities and features firsthand.

About Sustainable Capital Advisors

Sustainable Capital Advisors (SCA) is a financial advisory firm serving the sustainable infrastructure industry. Founded in 2012 by Trenton Allen, SCA is meeting the challenges of public and private sector organizations seeking to implement innovative solutions for the sustainable infrastructure industry. Our founding thesis was that while our client engagements involve a diversity of technologies located in geographies across the world, the fundamentals of developing successful ventures remain unchanged. The key to our success is the ability to break down traditional silos and look for ways to synthesize diverse information to best serve our clients. The firm is based in Washington D.C. For more information, please visit

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