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Analysis of 2022 MDI Lending


Anthony Barr, Research and Impact Director
National Bankers Association Foundation

Carl Romer, Research Manager 
National Bankers Association Foundation

Poverty rates in MDI lending areas vs national average

poverty rates


In this report, we examine the 2022 lending activity for a small sample of ten MDIs, all of whom are National Bankers Association member banks. We match the zip codes tied to each individual loan from the 2022 sample with the U.S. Census Bureau’s Five-Year American Community Survey (ACS) data to provide a detailed community profile of the places that received lending.


Main Findings Include:

  • The ten banks in the sample deployed $1.1 billion to 1,853 zip codes and more than 600 cities. 

  • The top three states by dollars received include California, New York, and Georgia.

  • 53.7% of loans went to majority-minority zip codes, and 70% of loans went to a zip code with a greater minority share than the national average.

  • 57.6% of loans went to zip codes with a poverty rate higher than the national average.



Our findings highlight the significance of MDIs as key institutions engaged in the work of closing the racial wealth gap. 

  • In 2022, our MDI samples issued a substantial amount of residential real estate loans at a time when the broader mortgage market was contracting, and home construction costs were surging – thus helping borrowers build wealth through homeownership. 

  • Similarly, small-dollar consumer loans helped stabilize households facing unexpected expenses or struggling to keep up with inflation. Business loans helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and community-based financing loans helped ensure that community organizations continued to thrive in the neighborhoods that rely on them.

Download the 2022 MDI Lending Report

Published October 15, 2023

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